by Cynthia Aycock


If you are Doak Turner, payback can be heaven. Doak’s friends put together a Nashville style celebration for him at Uncommon Grounds Coffeehouse in Old Hickory, Tennessee on July 26.

His good friend Bud Tower set the plans in motion and invited a few of Nashville’s greats to sing Doak’s songs. The room was packed with good friends and music, the atmosphere filled with love, admiration and gratitude for Doak and his tireless support of the tunesmiths.

Bud Tower put together a great line up of performers to showcase Doak’s catalog, who sang several of Doak’s originals and a few of their own as well. David Isaacs started off the evening with Storming theBeaches of Normandy, a song Jimmy and Doak wrote last year. Dave Isaacs is Doak’s guitar instructor and although Dave did not write the songs, those are a couple that he is teaching Doak to play! Dave also performed, “Rocks In The River” a song Doak co-wrote with a Canadian songwriter, Laura Ranerri. The song was recently cut by Mallory Miller, an artist in Georgia and included on her latest CD. It was also on Kate Logan’s CD five years ago.

Bud Tower sang Dancing In The Kitchen and gave us the backstory of the writing session, which the crowd loved. Bud also sang, “Southern Home Security System” a song he and Doak recently wrote.

Next up was Rob Wolf singing Just For Us Day, getting the audience clapping and singing. Rob also sang two other co-writes, “I Talk To God” and “This Ain’t The Day”. “I Talk to God” is on a new artist in Georgia, “Mallory Miller’s new CD.

CJ Solar shared a few, including the tailgate number he and Doak penned and sure to fire up the football fans all season, We Bleed Blue and Gold.

Brad Puckett performed a song Doak wrote with Kim Williams, Keith Anderson and buddy Hyatt, “At Least I’m Feelin’ Again” a song that charted on a couple of the country charts and played on some of the country video shows around the country.

Russ Roberts performed. “OOOH I Miss Those Summers” a song he and Doak wrote last summer.

Doak took the stage and performed “Got The Talking Part Done”, receiving some rowdy applause and a few whistles too. The song has been played on Sirius/XM and some local radio stations in the past.

Doak introduced his longtime friend and the inspiration for moving to Nashville, Byron Hill. A smash hit writer for many years, Hill has over 700 cuts and several number one songs, including the one that gave George Strait his first number one of his career, Fool Hearted Memory. Byron shared one he co-wrote with Doak, called Don’t Make Me Want You.

Creator of The Nashville Muse online newsletter, Turner has gone above and beyond for songwriters since his arrival in Nashville in 2002.He hosted 3rd Sunday at his home, a gathering for writers that always included food and a grand time by the hundreds of songbirds that flocked there for several years, finally ending in 2012 when Doak moved to another part of the city. When asked how many songs were performed over those 112 months, Doak smiled and stated, “about a million!”   Doak started the Artist Workshop in December of 2012 with Rick Barker of the Music Industry Blueprint that features artists and pros in the industry to give the up and coming artists an opportunity to learn from the pros in the industry – entertainment attorneys, other artists, promoters, booking agents, publishers, consultants and others in the industry to inform the artists on the do’s and don’ts, marketing/branding and the realities of being a successful artists. Music Row’s  Networking Maven is showing us how a positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm can make living your dreams a reality!   Listen to Doak Turner’s songs and read his blog